Monday, 27 July 2009

WWF UK open up their campaigning reasearch

Identity Campaigning is a discussion blog that has been set up by WWF UK, to publicly explore the ideas around how social values and identity can be engaged can be used for campaigning purposes.

They have a number of contributors, who are using examples from popular culture, books, academic research and think pieces to explore the issues discussed further.

I think that it is a brave move for WWF to make their internal learning process on "how campaigning works" public, and the discussion and debate around it creates. But, it is a move that all organisations who are involved in campaigning should be moving toward, to ensure that they motives, methods and techniques stay relevant to their audiences.

The articles are interesting, as are the comments they attract and this site will be one my new "go-to" places when I carve out some research and reflection time for myself, and I suggest that you do as well.

Current discussion topics are:

Do what needs doing vs start from where the people are

Psychoanalysis, identity and climate change

Greenwash, and emotion about animals are used to sell cars

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