Monday, 27 July 2009

Not In My Name gets 90K signups in two months

In reaction to the two British National Party (BNP)candidates election during the recent European the website was set up to show that not everyone in Britain support the views of the BNP.

The site is simple,clear but asks people to do more than add their name to a petition, it asks them to make a video/photo and upload it, to show their opposition to the BNP policies. It also has the added benefit of reflecting its support right back at the viewer, by showing the social proof of the faces and names of those who have already taken part.

In two months, over 90,000 people have added their video or photo, which would be a huge success for a campaign back by some of the bigger, more well-known agencies. Not In My Name, is a part of the Hope Not Hate Campaign, which in turn is part of the Searchlight Magazine.

It will be interesting to find how Hope Not Hate take use their growing email list to push for further actions and what form they take.

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