Sunday, 14 September 2008

digital elections

I am in New York City at the moment, working a project, that will be launching on September 25th.

Between lots of phone calls, meetings and feeling like I am glued to my laptop, I have been watching the US election unfold, and what is clear is how online is actually leading the news cycling, rather than just commenting upon it.

As the news channels, struggle to fill their blanket coverage, they are looking to blogs to who are breaking the stories, that they once would have. This transference of power from the institutional to the individual changes the dynamic of the whole political spin machine, and party that can deal with this the best, will most likely be the successful one.

As the US election and the techniques used to get the next president into office are pushing new ground, it will be interesting how this will impact how use of digital communications will be used in other national elections, and also in how it legitimizes the use of the digital voice for change.

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