Sunday, 20 April 2008

How do weapons get to landlocked countries in a crisis?

The folks at IANSA - The International Action Network on Small Arms - have found out about a ship that is trying to offload 77 tonnes of weapons and ammo at ports in Southern African countries. Where are the 77 tonnes heading for? Tension filled, landlocked Zimbabwe, that's where.

So far dockers in Durban, South Africa have refused to offload the cargo, and the ship has had to find another port to call into, to get it's cargo out of it's hull.

IANSA, has set up a petition, for you to sign, that will be sent onto the people who have the power to take the decision to stop the cargo from being offloaded at their ports, in the Southern African region.

If you want to give IANSA a hand in promoting their action and keep the arms on board, join their Facebook group , blog about about it and even add this special Google Map to track the progress of the ship, onto your website.

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