Wednesday, 9 April 2008

E-campaigning Forum April 10 - 11, 2008

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at an E-campaigning Forum, held in Oxford on April 10-11, by the folks at Fairsay.

As well as catching up some lovely people I hadn't seen for ages, it was great to meet with lots of new people from around the world who are as interested interactive campaigning as I am.

The forum was two full days of talking, sharing tips and fleshing out some of the issues facing e-campaigning and online advocacy practitioners. I talked so much I lost my voice by Friday afternoon.

It is an unique event, and it is different each time you attend. Read some of the comments and blogs from other participants , to get a feel for what went on. My personal highlight was listening to Greenpeace campaigner, Fish, talk about how they use interactive tools and channels within China.

Below are some of the links that I talked about during my speech, side sessions and coffee breaks. Feel free to add links to projects that you think are using interactive tools and techniques in interesting ways to enable social change.
  • Oxfam at the UN Climate Change Conference - how Oxfam International used different tools to provide a communication channel that worked for different audience needs.

  • Fairtrade woman: Facebook - Youtube - Myspace - How Oxfam GB used particular channels to engage with the public about FairTrade Fortnight with the aim of deepening people's commitment to choosing FairTrade products.

  • Ushahidi - A mashup that documents violent incidents during the recent unrest in Kenya.

  • I Love Mountains - Using Google Earth as way to connect people across the United States to a regional campaign.

  • Burma Facebook group - Using Facebook as a organising tool, to engage Facebook users around this issue -globally.

  • Greenpeace International Facebook Page - good use of using new page feature in Facebook to communicate to supporters within Facebook environment.

  • Who on earth cares, - A nice use of maps to show action and generate a sense of online community across one country.

  • Sorry Status Change - Interesting way to flash mob people online around a particular day, and it worked!

  • Genocide Information Network - Using a number of social networking channels, activities and tacticis, to get people active around their issues.

  • My Guardian Weekly -
    How traditional newspapers are crowd sourcing for content and generating community space.

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